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Hiroshima, Japan.  

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"Ne, onii-san, I wouldn’t mind marrying you when I grow up." 

"…We’ll see about that, little girl."

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kazama and chizuru

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» Open RP/Nightmares


One of the things Saitou didn’t really enjoy was cleaning. It took time and he always ended up sneezing too much to be considered healthy. He nodded at the girl, remembering that he saw her once or twice while patrolling, even in the dark it was easy to see how nervous she was with everything that happened.

"Hai." It was all he could say after breaking in and killing someone inside her shop. Waiting for her to go, he walked closer to the head but didn’t have the same care in not stepping on all the blood. He walked on it, grabbed the head by its hair and then walked back to the body. Clean up missions… With a sigh, he caught the corpses hand and pulled it up. Even though he was thin, it didn’t mean Hajime was so weak he couldn’t carry that body outside.

Which he did a little slower than he would like to admit, but once outside the problem was not his anymore. He felt the familiar presence and called in a low tone. “Yamazaki-kun?” When the other man just appeared, Saitou left the body to him and went inside once more looking at the trail of blood it made.


Oh, it would be a long, long night.

Rei busied herself with changing at a record pace for her, deciding to go with her black hakama in lieu of her kimono due to the dark color and in consideration of what the mess consisted of in the main part of the shop. Besides she doubted she was going to be getting more rest that night between nightmares in her sleep and the one that almost had come true if it had not been for the swordsman. Tying her sleeves back with a tasuki after pulling her hair up and out of her face she grabbed her own sword because as much as she wanted to pretend the man was right, her nerves had been shot. Wanting to keep her weapon close just in case the night was not over and set it near the doorway connecting the main shop and the kitchen so it was in reach.

'Aa, good it's gone… I hate those eyes,' she noted with a shudder at the thought, looking at the dark puddle that had been smeared in the room with what little light there was to be had. Not seeing Saitou around right then she went to grab a bucket to draw some water with a mental check list of supplies that she took along the way. Such as lighting a small lantern to see the room better, the passing time spurring her to hurry.

"Oh, you are here. Did you need a tasuki? You may want to take off your coat unless you like laundry as well." she reminded, she honestly had expected him to lean such a thing to her to do on her own. Setting the cloth with the extra clothes things needed to wipe things up she got on her knees. She was ready to get this over with as soon as possible herself. "I suppose I should be saying thanks, ne?"

'A tea house?' Rei tilted her head as she looked up at the building that just happened to be located in Shimabara, it was a place she had typically avoided on principle until recently. She had more business there as of late and had started to remember just how much information could be found in the place. She had only tried once long before and nothing much seemed to have come from that.Taking a quick moment to straighten up herself clothes and sword she was just asking questions after all.

"Anno, I do beg your pardon!" She called out, tentatively stepping inside once somewhat announcing herself. There was hope that maybe this turn would have better results, there was even word from one of the merchants. He had thought there was someone who had the same family name and supposedly had the same looks. Looking around the room for the nearest person she was in she cleared her throat lightly this was business and she needed to mind her manners after all. "I wish to ask about some possible clients of yours if I may be so bold."



       All of that translated in the demons’ head as there was some human that thought he was hot enough shit to try and hit on his woman, even after she told him to back off. He knew Rei was a perfectly capable woman, able to handle herself and a situation if needed, but hearing that this guy wasn’t backing off of her didn’t sit well with him. Ah—but first things first: she was worried about that slap.

       ”What, you think that a little slap like that is enough to cause me pain? It’s hardly anything for me to flinch at.” He brushed it off with a short chuckle. Though it really didn’t hurt or even bother him, he did have to admit that she had a good arm for a human female.

       Now then—on to business. His own hand reached out to gently cup her soft cheek and brush it with her thumb. Usually playful and mischievous amethyst eyes looked right into Reis’ with concern and protectiveness despite the playfulness of his words. “You must not have done a good enough job of explaining to him how amazing your boyfriend. Why don’t I come and sit at your shop, and you point this bastard out to me when he comes and let me take care of things, alright?”

"Well you do have a bit of red" she sighed despite his show of mirth, she did practice every morning still and had not let the weather get in the way of the habit. Still nodding her agreement with a bit of a smile of her own before kissing his palm lightly.

"Or that fact you are the only I want touching me in the first place it appears." She announced, reaching up and holding his hand in hers with a squeeze of affection. Though she was not about to bring up most at the shop did not know all that much about her being in a relationship. Mostly out of the fact she hated the gossip that the elders took part in since they had little else to do it seemed though soon she had a grin of her own. "That sounds like a good plan, he was slinking around when I left the shop to get some air. That’s why I was jumpy, not like I can do much dressed as I am."

» rei-yamino started following you



— “Ah, hello! Is there something I can help you with?

"Good day, seems I got a little distracted," she admitted a bit sheepishly, she was just taking a walk to clear her thoughts when the other had greeted her. Looking around she just realized how much walking she had actually done… "Ara, I think I walked farther than I meant to really. To end out here."

trigger-happy-oni said: "…" Well, this was proving to be quite a day, wasn’t it? Staring at her emotionlessly, he gave a couple of disinterested blinks in her direction before slowly raising a brow. "What was I warned of exactly?"


"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean you," she explained meekly, looking up at the taller one as he stared down. She had really thought it was someone else. "There was a new customer, he just doesn’t get the idea I was not interested in him. So I threatened to hit him next time."

"That doesn’t hurt does it?" It may have been a stupid question but was just following through with her threat, even if it wasn’t who she had meant for her target.

7:Slap you.



"I warned you!!" She growled, there had been a particular male that had been stalking her all day and she was done with it. Seriously doubting he was going to leave her alone even after she had told him she would not hesitate the next time he tried anything. Assuming it was the same man she reacted before she took the time to realize just who it really was that had come up to her.

"Shiranui?!" She squeaked, violet eyes wide as she looked the apparent victim of her outburst.